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Maybe I'm totally oblivious to what a perv' you are...
and maybe I haven't noticed you
peeking in my room while I change,
stealing my panties out of the hamper,
or trying to hide your boner when you've been staring a little too long -
...OR maybe I'm not as oblivious as you think. Maybe I know you're a pervet and I like tormenting you.
Internet Down
Sister needs your help fixing the wifi. You say you have to get to the modem under the desk. She's busy working on an essay, and says it doesn't bother her as long as you fix it quickly. She unconsciously fidgets while doing her work and her legs close and part close enough to your head you swear you could feel the warmth of her body. You might even be able to smell her sweet scent. A dangerously thin layer of white cotton is all that separates her lips from your view. A friend calls and she re-positions - and oh my god... you can see her panties are wet. Was she already wet? Is she wet because she's teasing you? You're cock is about to burst through your pants -

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Late for school
C'mon!. We're supposed to leave in 10 minutes and you're not even out of bed! I can't be late again. PLEASE! Let's go. Don't tell me to shut up! (Arguing) I'll come back in 10 and if you're not out of bed. HEY - What did you just say?!... That's disgusting. (More arguing) ...so all I have to do is shake my ass for 30 seconds and you swear you'll get up? What the fuck is wrong with you. Fine... Oh Jesus, your dick is out; at least keep it under the covers. Gross. Hurry up...

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Lost hamster
I've looked everywhere! Please help me find her. I guess I left her cage open. I'll look in my room and you look in the living room. Hey! What are you doing, you're supposed to be looking in the LIVING ROOM. Why don't you ever listen! Do you see anything back there? What are you even looking at...

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You stole my charger!
If you steel my charger again I'm gonna tell mom. What are you looking at you creep! Don't move... I'm definitely telling mom when she comes home. I told you to stay out of my room. (Phone rings) Hold on. No. My stupid little brother snuck into my room again and stole my charger. Uh-huh. Look, I'll call you back I have to deal with him...

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Help with homework
Sister asks you for homework help. You choose not to help her but instead lounge in her room while she's at the foot of the bed watching TV. Her skirt doesn't leave much to the imagination and you can catch glimpses of sister's panties every now and then. She lets you stay and watch a show but moves to the ground for better concentration (and lucky for you a better view.)

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