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Want to play director? It's more affordable then you think to have me act out that taboo fantasy that you've been secretly jerking off to all these years. You'll be limited to POV (point of view) filming, and because I'm young and could one day run for office I insist on keeping my identity secret so I will obscure my face; but these stipulations are factored into the reasonable video fee. A few things to take into account before submitting your custom video request...

Price: $160 / 5-10 minute video
I do my best to edit as carefully as possible to fit your scenarios. I garantee at least 5 minutes of seamless edited footage and acting; followed by anywhere from 2-5 minutes of extras that I thought were particularly hot. This may include slow motion but generally it's a montage of the highlights.

Number of scenes: 2
This is the number of camera angles OR scene changes you get.
For example you can write part of the scene be in a kitchen, and part in the bathtub.
Alternatively you can write a scene where one angle is next to me in the car while another is looking up my skirt from under the dash.
Choose wisely to best create and capture the context of your fantasy.

Limit dialouge
It's hard for me to memorize a bunch of lines. Don't go crazy with the dailouge; use enough and at the right time to weave your fantasy together contextually; however too much and I'll probably reject the fantasy.

I still own the rights to the video production
I'll send you a copy of the video you've paid for and directed, but I still own the rights to that video and can use it for my own self promotion if I choose to - so don't use your full name or anything you'd be uncomfortable with anyone else seeing. You can't reproduce profit from this video.

Portrayal of your fantasy
While doing my best to reproduce your fantasy I may change dailouge, scenes, or anything else due to technical constraints, lapses in memory, etc.

Payment will be made via squarecash prior to production of the video. The video will be created and sent to you within 2 weeks of payment or you will recieve your money back.

If you've read, understand, and agree to the above then proceed to submit your fantasy and I will respond if I feel I'm able to accomplish it.

Please mail fantasy to sleepingmaidenproductions@gmail.com
- Title Subject: subtletaboo_"your video name"
- Screenplay format would be helpful but is not required

18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement

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